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Ten Hag future after a crushing 4-0 loss to Palace.

Ten Hag future after a crushing 4-0 loss to Palace. Although this season, Eric Ten Hag has not performed well with Manchester United as he should. But popular media outlets in England still believe. He will remain as Red Devils manager for at least another

Saka is delight compete championship with Manchester City

Saka is delight able to compete for the championship with Manchester City until the final match. Arsenal continues to hold the top spot in the Premier League, ufabet with Manchester City close behind, but there is still one more program left in hand. Which

Odegaard win trophy at Old Trafford, following footsteps

Odegaard to win trophy at Old Trafford, following in the footsteps of senior Arsenal players. Arsenal is scheduled to meet Manchester United in the semi-final game at Old Trafford. Where they previously won the Premier League here in 2002. Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard has revealed That

Sunderland manager ‘Beale’ Former Rangers coach

Sunderland Famous Championship Team Official announcement of the appointment of Michael Beale, former Rangers manager, as the new team manager with a contract until 2026 at the beginning of the month “Black cat” Just fired Tony Mowbray. Who last year led him to finish 6th

Agent offers ‘Casemiro’ to PSG.

A news report from Le10Sport, a media outlet in France, revealed that Paris Saint-Germain has received an offer to sign Casemiro, the star Manchester United midfielder. The 31-year-old star player moved from Real Madrid to join the Devils. Red cost 70 million pounds in the summer

‘Rashford’ changed PR to the same company. 

Marcus Rashford changed his PR team to THE SPORT PR COMPANY. The same agency as Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane. The latter change of staff The house this time may cause concern that something like what happened to Sancho and Ronaldo will happen. While the

Wilson slams ‘Vicario’ for pulling face and mocking the Magpies

Callum Wilson, Newcastle United striker, accuses rival goalkeeper Gunelmo Vicario. Showing disrespectful behavior Because he was able to save, he pulled a mocking face. During the 4-1 loss to Tottenham Hotspur, ยูฟ่าเบท Wilson had just recovered from a hamstring injury and was named to the “Salika” team as a substitute

Staff worried about ghost giving power to ‘Ten Hag Agent’

That some staff at Manchester United have expressed concern that Erik Ten Hag ‘s agent, Kees Vos, has too much influence over the club’s transfers. Reports reveal Manchester United are using Vos’ company Sports Entertainment Group (SEG) for advice on the transfer market. Including being an

‘Pep Guardiola’ consoles ‘Phi, Singha’ for sure coming back.

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, laughed when asked about Manchester United’s performance, but confirmed that this city’s rivals, including Chelsea, another giant, will be able to find the moment to turn the situation around. can “The Blues”, the former champions, continued to maintain their