FIFA president asks countries to change stadium names in honor of Pele.

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FIFA president Gianni Infantino has confirmed that. It will send a petition to every country in the world to request. That one of their football stadiums be renamed in honor of Brazilian legend Pele.

Pele passed away peacefully at the age of 82 on January 29. Football fans around the world. Including those in the football industry, mourned and sent messages in honor of the legend.

Most recently, Infantino confirmed that. He would send a petition to countries around the world to consider renaming one of its stadiums in Pele’s honor.

“We are going to send a request to everyone. countries in the world to rename one of their football stadiums to Pele’s name UFABET 

It is Infantino’s gesture FIFA that he is ready to show in honor of the three-time World Cup winner. With the media expecting most nations to respond in this regard.

On Monday, thousands of Brazilian football fans line up to pay their respects at Santos’ home stadium Pele. With Pele’s family expecting outsiders to pay their respects. Before the legendary footballer’s body was take to be buried at a private ceremony this Tuesday.

For Pele’s family, people have allow to join in sending Pele for the last time. Before taking the corpse of The former number 1 player in the world was officially buried on Tuesday, January 3 (local time).