Perfume media names Napoli favorites Azzedine Unai.

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L’Equipe report that Napoli are now leading the way in signing Azzedine Unai. The 22-year-old midfielder has had an outstanding performance in the 2022 Football World Cup stage. With an important part in bringing Morocco to the semi-finals before finishing 4th in the list.

Causing recent media both in and outside France to report. That many clubs are very interested in the players of the Angers team. By famous clubs like Barcelona or Leicester ready to compete. 

In addition, Napoli is another team that wants Unai to win and is considered a favorite over other teams. With the latest L’Equipe asserting that Azzurra is in a better situation than any club interested in the Moroccan midfielder UFABET

The report goes on to say that Napoli have already negotiated with the player’s representative. In addition, there was also an official proposal for Angers to consider. Which the famous team from Naples was ready to send the player back to the agency to be loaned to use until the end of the season.

The conditions are as stated by Saeed Chaban, the Angers club president. The current agency hopes Unai will help the team escape relegation this season first. But does not close the opportunity to negotiate a transfer in advance.