Agent offers ‘Casemiro’ to PSG.

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A news report from Le10Sport, a media outlet in France, revealed that Paris Saint-Germain has received an offer to sign Casemiro, the star Manchester United midfielder.

The 31-year-old star player moved from Real Madrid to join the Devils. Red cost 70 million pounds in the summer of 2022 before making an impact and making the team stronger. He scored 7 goals from 51 appearances. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

However, this season his form has dwindled. In addition, he also encountered symptoms of pain. Having only been on the field for 12 matches,

Eric Ten Hag hopes that when Casemiro recovers from his injury, his form will return as good as before. After this season, it was clear that he seemed to be slowing down. Often unable to keep up with the game

Missing out on income from being eliminated from the UEFA group stage Champions League It may have an impact on the business aspect of the club. Before the game lost to Bayern Munich on Tuesday There is a rumor that The Brazilian star is one of the players the club is ready to let go,

with Le10Sport recently reporting that Casemiro’s representatives have contacted PSG to offer the player they are considering. After the team building policy of the top Ligue 1 teams has changed recently Focus on working with a combination of young talent and experienced stars.

It is expected that the arrival of Casemiro will make PSG’s midfield stronger as Luis Enrique needs players to act as mentors for Warren Ser-Emery, Manucho. Ugarte and Vitinha, who are all under 23 years of age, are

not yet clear. Will this deal materialize in January? It all depends on the transfer process that United expects. This may be based on Casemiro’s remaining contract until 2026.