Rodri honors 3 trophies for 2 Manchester City legends

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Rodri honors 3 trophies for 2 Manchester City legends

Manchester City hero midfielder Rodri, the owner of the winning goal over Inter Milan in the 2023 UEFA Champions League final. Would like to lift the European championship. That he received. Until making it a special year, winning 3 championships for sailing legends like Sergio Aguero or David Silva, who play an important role in making the team stand strong for many years.

Midfielder captain of the Spanish national team Is the person who jabs Inter Milan’s net in the 68th minute, bringing victory to Manchester City in a stressful game, checks the bill for the first Champions League and is the third champion this year, next to the Premier League and FA Cup. Which are counte as a team. First England to do so since Manchester United in 1999.

“Very touching. Is a dream come true These people (football fans) have been waiting for this for many years. they deserve We deserve it.” Rodri tolds ยูฟ่าเบท

“Last year we came very close but missed it. I just want to thank everyone. It’s not easy with the team we meet with the way they defend and counter We devote everything In the first half I didn’t do very well. I played really badly.”

“Finals are like this. You can’t expect to play well every match. Emotions and nervousness are there. 

“But we still want more. more ambitious it’s a dream A moment like this may never happen again. 

“All these players who made the club great, like Aguero or Silva, these achievements belong to them.”