Wilson slams ‘Vicario’ for pulling face and mocking the Magpies

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Callum Wilson, Newcastle United striker, accuses rival goalkeeper Gunelmo Vicario. Showing disrespectful behavior Because he was able to save, he pulled a mocking face. During the 4-1 loss to Tottenham Hotspur, ยูฟ่าเบท

Wilson had just recovered from a hamstring injury and was named to the “Salika” team as a substitute for the final 26 minutes and had the opportunity to score a weightless header into the envelope. Vicario

later saved a header. Looks like a tough guy from the Italian national team. Will show an expression that makes Wilson dissatisfied until after the race is over he enters into a heated argument.

“We saw in the last game that Everton were winning and Pickford was teasing us,” the 31-year-old England striker explained in a media interview.

“It’s how they win, right? In today’s game, the Tottenham goalkeeper caught my header. Then he started teasing. and pulling faces at us as well.”

“It’s behavior that lacks respect. But I said what was on my mind. We are mature enough to move out of this match.”

On the 27-year-old goalkeeper’s side, he was attacked in an interview not long ago. Share news via personal social media with a response message

“I will respect… To everyone who respects me!”